I am Parita Shah. I am originally from India and now reside in the US for 17 years with my husband and 2 kids. I have earned my undergraduate degree in Biochemistry and a diploma in computer programing from India. I have over 3 years of experience working as a process quality analyst with a Digital data conversion company , and as a human resource specialist with an electrical construction company, both in the Washington DC area. While taking a break from my career to take care of my kids, I took some business and math classes at Northern Virginia Community college (NVCC). My interest in Math and Marketing along with my previous work experience as a process quality analyst encouraged me to pursue graduate level program related to the field of data analysis. With some research and advise from my NVCC faculty, I decided to enroll for the masters in Statistical Science program at Mason.

This academic portfolio provides details and information regarding my academic achievements so far, progression requirement to enter second semester of the masters program, and my resume. This also includes a literature review and a poster presentation I have prepared as a part of Into Accelerated Pathway assignment.