Statement of Purpose

I started working towards my goal to pursue master’s degree in statistics three years ago. My undergraduate degree in Biochemistry and a diploma in software programing prepared me with strong foundation of science and laboratory techniques. Diploma in computer programing provided me much needed understanding of data handling and designing of workflow for software development. In order to pursue masters program and to understand the market and get first hand work experience, I took a job as a quality analyst with an international data conversion company.


As a quality analyst, I learned random sampling technique to draw samples of outputs at various stages of production and analyze them for quality and compliance with the mandated standards. I also performed primary level predictive analysis based on the complexity of projects and its correlation with employees’ performance. Later, as a human resource specialist in an electrical construction company, I worked on employee turnover analysis that required collecting data on terminated employees and correlation between the project they were working, their manager, and the reason for their termination. I worked with the software team to design applications to generate real time employee termination information. Both of these jobs required handling and processing large quantities of data to generate reports for management to make decision to improve organization wide performance. From my work experience, I learned about my strength in the field of analysis and I was motivated to pursue a career that better suited my strengths and interests.


During eight years of being a stay-at-home mother of two kids, I took several courses in mathematics, business, and statistics at the Northern Virginia Community College. As part of one of the projects for my Marketing class, I conducted primary and secondary market research collecting and analyzing data on specialized vegan food industry. My marketing plan was very well received and I was especially commended on the data and numbers I had research and explained for the project. Marketing and statistics classes gave me a better understanding of the applied field of data and statistics, and clearer direction to plan out my path for graduate studies.


The field of applied statistics offers unique opportunities to work in any area related to data, ranging from biomedical research, health information, finance, to marketing. I plan to pursue a career as a statistical analyst in the private and government market research. I am especially interested in the applications of predictive analytics that requires understanding of dynamic model of the project and various internal and external factors that influence the data. I want to work with non-parametric methods for predictive analytic applications in the market research. With increasing popularity of this field, there are plenty of opportunities to improve analytic techniques that are more efficient and to explore new areas that could benefit with analytic s applications. Combining my prior academic and work knowledge with Masters in Statistical Science will prepare me for the up and coming market demand.


George Mason is ranked one of the top universities in the U.S. offering very vibrant and diverse culture in the heart of nation’s capital. Being resident of Virginia and married to George Mason Alumni, I dream to be part of Mason myself. The Department of Statistics at Mason is offering very uptrend mix of courses to cater to the job market in the U.S. The combination of traditional statistical foundation and new computer based application in SAS and R gives the masters in Statistical Science program a competitive edge that I desire to ready myself for the job market. I look forward to work with the renowned and experienced faculty from the Stanford, Rutgers, and University of NC, to name a few. I look forward to be part of the community of statisticians and contribute my knowledge and experience in the data-driven market research.